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    E-Commerce & Web Marketing Tutorials

    The Resources I list below are all written by Chris Rempel, an internet marketer whos work and opinion I highly value. First time I got into contact with his works was when I bought his product "Confessions of a Lazy Super-Affiliate". I am in affiliate marketing for quite a long time by now, but Chris' eBook was a real eye-opener. It made me rethink my affiliate strategy and some tactics I learned from Chris' book turned out to be quite profitable. Even the Salesletter on Chris site is worth saving, as it contains lots of hints on how to improve an internet based business.

    The Conduit Method

    The Conduit Method is a hot-selling report that has truly changed a lot of people's lives by showing them the simplest possible way to earn a full-time income from affiliate marketing by repeating an easy, "zero guesswork" strategy over and over again. This simple and effective approach to internet marketing has changed the way I design my niche sites to become more profitable. I am not earning a full-time income from the net, but the Conduit Method helped in improving my ROI. Chris describes it like this: "You can instantly & automatically become seen as an authority in the niche - even if you literally know nothing about the subject matter. The conduit strategy literally (and ethically) "swipes" other people's insights and uses them for your advantage."

    The Reverse Niche Selection Strategy

    In "Reverse Niche Selection" Chris explains in simple and easy to understand language, how to find out who is making real money (exactly how) and then rapidly matching their results with one simple process. Chris tells: "Why one simple switch in the way you do things will cause inevitable success by its own design - and no, that's not hype in any sense of the word. You'll see exactly why this is completely logical and simple when you get to page 21..."

    He also gives 3 real-life examples of sites that are just waiting to be "copied". Not only is each example site in a hot market - each strategy he lays out for "copying" them is instantly actionable and requires very little effort.

    ... more to follow

Last Updated on 31.12.2008