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E-Commerce and Internet Marketing Books for You

Planning Your Internet Marketing Strategy

By Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, October 2001, Paperback
This resourceful book contains a lot of wisdom about e-commerce and Marketing on the World Wide Web. Ralph Wilson, prominently known publisher of Web Commerce Today and author of different e-books about all aspects of selling on the net (Viral Marketing etc) put all his knowledge into this book to make Your Marketing Strategy succeede.
Take a look at the Table of Contents

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Make Your Site Sell ! 2002

By Ken Evoy (e-book) 2nd Edition September 2002
This completely updated e-book explains in very detail how to make your site visitors behave the way you want. To make the sale! Evoys analytical approach is focused on raising the conversion rate and how different techniques create different results. I could not find anything else for less that packes so much information together. The four volumes of MYSS! 2002 now amount to over 1500 pages full of
  • Why customers don't buy even AFTER you get it right!
  • How to combat fraudulent orders
  • New payment options
  • How to build a customer-focused e-business that will SELL
Together with the main volume you get

The Product Volume

  • Highlighting new and exciting revenue sources.
  • The pros and cons of affiliate programs.
  • The power of PREselling

The Store Selling Volume

The first edition of MYSS! was written for "single product" businesses. MYSS! 2002 covers the process of selling full catalogs of products online. Learn about
  • Why you must differentiate ... or die!
  • How to make your product's Photos sell ... and
  • How to make your customer buy
  • How to draw your visitors into the store
  • How to get your MWR right
  • Fulfillment -- how to do it right

The Traffic Building Volume

This volume has been updated the most. It covers all the recent developments in traffic building techniques and Searchengine Technology
  • Discussion of Pay-Per-Click Engines
  • Pay for Inclusion Programs, the new trend with directories and Searchengines
  • An introduction to theme-based ranking
  • A totally updated section on "Getting Listed in Yahoo!" and "Open Directory"
  • How to get Viral Marketing to work
Ken Evoys products have a proven Track Record -- MYSS! is well respected for its high quality info / low price. MYSS! 2002 maintains this tradition and again overdelivers! Check out how this invalueable Book can make your business profit from the Web.

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Creating Stores on the Web

By Dave Greely, Joe Cataudella, Ben Sawyer,2nd Edition, Januar 2000 Softcover
Using Cataudellas own Web business as an example, the authors explain what to look out for when you want to do business on the web. Whether be it selling digital infoproducts, games, or physical products. All aspects of Customer Relationship Management, setting up the store, discussing the benefits of different shipping and stocking methods, getting a merchant account and prevent credit card fraud are explained. The book doesn't tell you much about todays software for online shops, but it is a practical guidebook that explains all the backoffice duties that go along with most small businesses. Highly recommended.

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Jakob Nielsen is probably the most quoted expert when Website Design and Usability are discussed. His current book quickly became a standard for Webmasters, Designers and business persons planning a site.

Designing Web Usability : The Practice of Simplicity

Ease of Navigation, Content and Page Design, difference between Internet and Intranet design. These are the areas Nielsen covers in this well illustrated book with examples taken from highly respected websites. A special chapter is dedicated to "Accessability for Users with Disabilities". An area, where most websites have to improve on. Designing Web Usability has been translated in various languages, but we prefer the original. Some of the concepts don't translate too well.

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